Challenge Is

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As we enter the ides of March 2020, the saying "When the going gets tough ..." seems to reverberate. Both global events and local conditions have recently added challenges to our lives. 

The riding in the park is "so hot" right now.

Dealing with some early melt-freeze cycles seems minor at this point and it is. Frankly, we're used to melts and our snowpack is pretty durable.    

Some surprise snow last Saturday. Win on Murphy's. 

We've been enjoying early corn snow harvesting this week, after a little refresher over the weekend. Good corn snow conditions mirror good maple syrup production ... doubly sweet!

Sap sipping.

We're doing our best to keep ahead of the larger challenges too. As some have pointed out, skiing and riding involve covering your face, giving room to people around you and exercising to keep your immune system strong.  

Patroller Eric is always trying to keep up with Chris, his skier model wife. Good effort! 

Sipping sunshine in the Reimergasse Park.

Last Saturday's Slide Brook Express view.

Did Patroller Mark or Eric ski it better? Sorry, Eric.

MEllen scenes. Coach Joey is very popular.

Thank you, John!

Spin to win.

App Gap flap chaps.

Ahhhhh! The Exorcist! Oh, wait. His goggles are on backwards.  

Been there. Skied that. Still love it. Coach Bob basking. 

Randomly caught Eric in civvies on Sunday. Actually, this is one's pretty good.  

The Mall looking tall.

Say hello to Hazel. 

Casting shadows.

Come check out the Sidesurfers and FatRollers Banked Slaloms this Saturday at Mount Ellen! 

Grin to win.

There's still more than 10 feet of snow on Stein's and all the snowmaking trails are well covered. Tomorrow's weather event may take a few more natural snow trails off the list, but it's not going to erase our smiles, resiliency or fun. 

Grab your gear, the weekend is almost here. See you on the mountain!

John Atkinson
Chairperson, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange