Bouncing Round

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For an amazing winter with record snowfall and remarkably consistent conditions, Mother Nature has also been quite regular with warm-ups and base-enhancement events. According to Scott Braaten, one of our favorite local weather folks, the snowpack is still well above average and now fully condensed.

Finishing up regular snowmaking operations late last week.   

In other words, there is no where to go, except up. Thankfully, next week looks snowy, although the weekend will likely feature good "learning" conditions. We're going to see another classic melt/freeze cycle tomorrow, leading to firmer turns on Saturday and Sunday.

Stein's has been shining on the warmer days. In case you're wondering why the snow whales are so big, we put ~10,000,000 gallons of snowmaking onto the trail this season. 

Our groomers know this game well and are already preparing for the refresh. Even when we get curve balls like this, they are right there to bat clean-up. 

Coral maze.

Climatic bounces are a common feature of New England winters, which is one of the reasons we produce such great passionate skiers and riders. As Egan says, "This is the training ground."

Skiing is always fun. Good conditions just make it more fun, but tough conditions make you better.   

Crystal haze. 

Echoes of last week's snow.

Nothing better than sharing the joy of skiing! 

The newest Babic family skier getting her tuck down. Pretty great for a not-even 2 year old. 

The Finnish national ski instructor team came by for a visit. 

As the sun gets higher in the sky and the days get longer, deck surfing season has begun.

We're excited for the weekend, with events like the Junior Castlerock Challenge and the next episode of Sugarbush's 60th Anniversary Music Series, featuring The Grift playing 80's tunes. Break out your parachute pants and high hair, we'll be dancing on the ceiling.

Looking ahead a little, next Thursday is Valentine's Day with $14 lift tickets and it might even be a powder session. Better be here. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

p.s. Many thank to Tom Marshall, Big Red and the Boys.