Better Sweet

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We're cresting a peak right now, finishing up a long stretch of sweet snow and colder than average temps, in case you hadn't noticed. Conditions are excellent throughout the resort, with everything from buttery smooth groomers and creative terrain parks to long soft bump lines and fresh stashes hiding in plain sight.

Snowmaking for long spring turns at Lincoln Peak. The guns run again next week.

Adventure Blazers taking advantage of the full cover last weekend.

Yesterday's find. Go Diggity!

Boomers on the move with Coach Chan.

Shawn asks, "Why aren't you here now?"

Coach Mer slashing and turning in Slide Brook yesterday.

Going a bit furthur on our favorite bus.

While many whined about the winter cold the past couple of weeks, we faced it, chased it and embraced it. The snow has been so good, I actually took my most daily runs on the coldest day yet. We were hosting some writers from Quebec and they just wanted to keep skiing because the turns were so tasty. Okay then! 

Bush Pilots getting ready for take-off on Saturday. Coaches Egan and Parki showing how to handle the cold properly. 

Peter Hawks of the Flyin' Ryan Foundation came for a visit recently. 

Family turns.

Today is one of the best days of the whole winter.

Sunshine and soft snow ... if we have to.

​Sunset this week.

We're set up great for the holiday weekend, except for a little weather  challenge arriving tomorrow and leaving Friday. Temps are likely to spike into 40s with a good chance of rain.

The flip side is that there should be enough moisture and cold on the tailend of the storm to finish as snow, possibly significant at elevation. That's right, Saturday could be another powder day. Hang onto your hats and stay ready, this is only a quick blip in an already epic winter. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange