August Company

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August is good company for the soul, full of heavy harvests, prime summer adventures and the clear knowledge that September's changes are just around the corner. A few trees have even started turning, early heralds of autumn.

Gravity works just as well in August as it does in February, and biking is great training for skiing and riding. 

The best is often last, but it won't last much longer. Better grab it while you can, because our fairest season is always too short.

Summer scene.

August is vacation time too and when you live in a place as awesome as the Mad River Valley, it takes a special excursion to draw us out. Fortunately, New England is a pretty amazing place. Starting in New Hampshire, we played in the Mt. Washington Valley for a couple days, including a summit trip and hike. 

Hiking down the Huntington Ravine trail. 

If you're feeling hot, just head up. On the rare sunny day that we visited, the temps were in the low 50's at the top and the wind was blowing 40+mph. We were prepared with winter gear, but it was still a refreshing experience. In a few short hours, we went from the top of New England at 6288' to the ocean's edge on Cape Cod, where it was more than 30 degrees warmer.

Body sailing on the observation deck. 

One of the cool things about New England is that it's small enough that every place feels a bit like home. Running into friends and fans of Sugarbush is almost guaranteed, no matter where you go. Ski Vermont and Sugarbush were sponsoring the Family Equality Fest in Provincetown last week too.

From the mountains to the ocean. Check out From the Ocean to the Mountains (formerly Taste of the Valley) this Sunday at Lincoln Peak, the annual fundraiser for the VT Festival of the Arts.


Letting our feet fly free.  

You don't have to go all the way to Wellfleet for Wellfleet oysters. Wednesday Raw Bar at Rumble's is super fresh too! 

Back in the neighborhood for some tennis at the SHARC

Dancing down the mountain. Hike or bike, we like!

While it was fun to wander and take a break, returning home to the Mad River Valley is sweet solace. Join us for August company and adventures, time is rolling, you should be too.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange