August Best

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August is the best summer month in the Mad River Valley. June can be cool and rainy, July can be hot and damp. But August usually brings ideal weather, just check the forecast. We're looking at six days in a row of sunshine, with day temps in the 70's and 50's at night. 

Of course, it's awesome in August.

The forests and fields are lovely and lush, featuring peak greenery, a plethora of wildflowers and lots of tasty foraging. The river, brooks and ponds are at their warmest, so the swimming is great too. 

Totally tubular. 

The chanterelles have been firing lately. 

Another factor is we're usually in mid-summer shape by August. The hills feel a little smaller and our adventures can stretch out a bit. While the days are getting shorter, there is still a lot of light to play with and the fun can last deep into the evening.

Some fresh mountain air is always nice.

Mid-summer is festival time too and we've got a big one this weekend at Mt. Ellen. The Bear North Festival is starting its inaugural run tomorrow, featuring Pink Talking Fish, who will be celebrating the famous Sugarbush Phish shows that happened at the MEllen in 1994 and 1995. Ask me sometime about how those shows got started. It's a good story from my early days in events here.   

Ready for some fresh jams? Sugarbush has hosted some legendary shows and we love live music!  

A peek into the past. Old school cool.

Grab the best of August before we're deep in fall foliage and wondering where the time went. If you're into music and know who's birthday it is, the title of this blog will make even more sense. Summertime gonna come and go, my oh my!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange