Aqueous Sunshine

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The story of this winter has been one of ups and downs. Just when conditions become super, we get a souper soaker, sorry, base consolidation event. We've gotten lucky with the warm-ups though and most of them have been less dramatic than predicted. 

David Babic finding some sweet softies this morning. 

The rebounds have been strong too, with quick cover replacing the refrozen. This week has been incredible, with lots of powerful squalls filling in the gaps and letting us get to 100% open. 

Last Saturday's squall with an Adventure Blazer group on the hike to Castlerock. 

That said, the weekend forecast is a tough one. While the turns on Saturday should be soft and fun, the atmosphere is likely to contain some aqueous sunshine, which is our latest euphemism for r**n. 

Prime rime. 

Sunday skiers getting silly. 

North Lynx is open!

So silky this morning.

Squall pile. 

Sundogging on Snowball today.

Going on sweep with Patrol last weekend. Have breakfast with the Patrollers this Sunday morning.   

Gun show on Ripcord. 

With solid snowmaking and a decent natural base, the liquid additions to the snowpack shouldn't hurt too much. Keep snowdancing, maybe the jet stream will do a little dance and keep things more frozen. Either way, the turns should be fun and our indoor adventures are plentiful. See you on the mountain.

John Atkinson
Chairperson, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange