Staying Active With a Toddler

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My daughter, Aspen – named for her Fanny Gran’s love of the tree, not the ski resort -- just turned two years old.  Or as she says, “I two. More pupcake, Mama.”  Meaning, she wants to eat more cupcakes.  Unlike last year’s first birthday experience in which she wanted nothing to do with her cake and candle, this birthday she gobbled it up.  ”More pupcake, Mama” became the July saying in our household.  Not wanting to have cupcakes in my house all the time, I opted to junk her out on popsicles instead, which has also become a word that cannot be said in her presence because like a popsicle she melts down if she cannot have one.  But watching her eat her popsicle naked on the deck, as all popsicles should be eaten, is pretty darn awesome.  Ah, summer. 

Like many Valley households, my hubs and I work full-time, and we are really grateful that Aspen gets to be raised on the mountain and hang with her pals at the Sugarbush Day School.  Isn’t it amazing how kids behave so differently for others?  I mean, she makes her own bed at school, which she then lies down in to take a nap.  She sits at a table and eats her food.  She takes off her shoes and puts them away.  She helps clean up the messes she makes.  She goes to the potty.  I mean, really?!  That’s all better than she behaves at home!

Staying active and having fun in the Valley with a toddler is not hard.  Last week we took her to our first Round Up on the River for this summer, a weekly event with food and music down near Bridge Street.  Oh my, did she have fun.  We ran into a bunch of her pals from Sugarbush and they danced, wiggled, giggled, climbed, twirled and ran.  Independent Ms. Aspen had no problem plopping herself down in a chair next to Wendell asking him for some “popeyes”, aka French fries.  Of course, he kindly shared them with her.  She then proceeded to eat half of his order.  That’s my girl.  After “popeyes” what else would you feed a toddler at the Round Up but a scoop of Sweet Spot’s homemade ice cream.  Just wow.  Aspen loved seeing all the dogs, watching the big kids play and checking out the river.  If you haven’t made it to a Wednesday Night Round Up yet this summer, put it on your to do list.  What do you do for summer Valley fun with your toddler?