Quality, Price. Speed

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When it comes to bicycles the old saying is light, strong or cheap, pick any two. Apparently being all things to all people is pretty hard. In the food world we focus on speed, quality and price. It's hard to get all three in harmony. Not for lack of trying, it's just hard. Think about your personal life and mealtime. You make this call every day.

On a typical Saturday we will serve well over 5,000 meals between all of our different outlets, and every guest has their own wants and needs. Some may be looking for a quick in-and-out with familiar food for their children. Others may be on a well-deserved holiday and looking to eat a leisurely lunch in a more relaxing setting. Still others ski so often they look for any way to trim the cost of their addiction (I mean hobby). This is where quality and price come into consideration.

This is what makes the business so exciting; each meal requires a minimum of 15 steps prior to being served followed by 5 after-service steps. That means we have over 100,000 opportunities to help fuel our guests' next adventure or share in the camaraderie of a good meal. Did I mention that the majority of us like to eat at a similar time? That's where the speed issue really comes into play.

This food and beverage thing is like a big chess game - always moving, always trying to think two moves ahead. It rarely comes together like you planned. Someone misses a shift, the cilantro doesn't get delivered or the beer truck gets stuck in a snow bank. The thing is I wouldn't want it any other way. I love my industry.

We hope to use speed, quality, and price this weekend throughout Island Weekend. We're whipping up plenty of beach themed food and drink for those who can't wait until summer. I'm planning an Island in the Sky Luau over at Walt's in the Glen House. That spot used to be one of my favorite spring skiing hangouts. It has an awesome deck. I'm going to try and bring those vibes back with a big après party on Saturday. Think live music, great food, and more.

Gerry Nooney