Planning vs. Right Here, Right Now

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Professional cooking is packed with pressure. It's mostly short term: knock out these tickets, clear the board and worry about tomorrow later. It's a character trait that's pretty consistent in the industry. Way better than when my wife was selling high-end luxury cars and she had the agony of waiting weeks before a client made a decision.

But we also plan for the future and think about the change of seasons. Menus are getting written for summer months even though we don't have the ingredients in front of us just yet. The down side to this planning is you can lose track of right here, right now. In my haste to incorporate chanterelles and garden vegetables I can overlook the new crop of asparagus or the sweet tart citrus harvest. How does steamed asparagus with a burnt blood orange butter sauce sound? Here's the recipe for you to try. I'll be having that tonight at my house over some wild Alaskan salmon. Feel free to drop over. Of course by the time you read this, time travel may be needed.

The bottom line is this: don't let the future get in the way of today. The promise of a great bike or golf season doesn't beat out the right here, right now of a great ski day and luckily we still have plenty of skiing. If you have been hitting the slopes this March, you would have seen me slinging pizzas from my mobile pizza oven. We'll be out plenty more this spring, so stop by and say hello. It took some time, but we really figured that thing out. 


Gerry Nooney