New Food for the New Year

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Since we're crossing over into a new year, I think it makes sense to run through all the new things we have going on in the food and beverage world. They're mostly little things, but when you add them all up, I hope you'll notice some nice improvements in your everyday dining experiences.

Let's start with Valley House. Gary McCullough, who many of you know from Mt. Ellen or Hogan's Pub, has moved up to the Valley House for the winter and is getting trained in the art of sushi. Look for that soon. We also put some different tables in the cafeteria to increase our seating capacity.

Our Allyn's Lodge Dinners have been reworked so that we can offer them at a more affordable price. We now charge $150 per person, but have removed the complimentary wine. You can still purchase a very nice selection of beer and wine, but the new pricing structure should benefit families with children and those who abstain. The dinners will come with a complimentary glass of champagne upon arrival.

Down in Gate House Lodge, we've added an international noodle bar, to delightful reception. Believe it or not, we recently sold more noodle bowls in the cafeteria than French fries - the reigning champ for most popular food item. Downstairs in Castlerock Pub, aside from a new menu this winter, we've added some new high tops that you'll see in the dining room shortly.

The winds of change have also swept through Timbers, with our new Head Chef Patrick Garvin. We have a more diverse selection of beer now available under new bar manager Andrew Davidson. Keep an eye out for a flag outside of Timbers on select days marking our new 500 Chicken Wing Giveaway. We'll be running free wing events throughout the season. For those who enjoy our Fast Tracks Breakfast, we added new induction tables; and for those who like to après, new stand-up drink tables.

I may have already mentioned Walt's at the Glen House, which is off to a roaring success. The grilled cheeses, soups, and grain bowls have been popular items, and our new bar has seen its fair share of pants in seats. The Mediterranean bowl with artichokes, hummus and roasted peppers is a personal favorite, even though I'm not and don't ever plan to be vegan. What you might not know is that we have a new menu in the Green Mountain Lounge, along with more seating both there and in the base lodge.

Hopefully all these small changes make for a greater overall dining experience at Sugarbush. My New Year's resolution is to continue to find ways to tweak things around the resort to improve your experience. Maybe your resolution should be to try all of the above?

Gerry Nooney