History and Transformation of the Glen House

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Some of the attributes I look for most in my co-workers are courage and transformation. It's easy to get caught up in doing the same thing year in and year out. It takes courage to make a change, to transform.

I've had my eye on the Glen House for some time but lacked the vision to make any lasting changes. Years ago, Mt. Ellen was the first area to open at Sugarbush, and we'd have skiing and riding off of the Summit Chair before guests would download onto GMX. The Glen House became a mini cafeteria to provide nourishment and warmth without having to take the chairlift back down the mountain. That was a long, long time ago.

Now Mt. Ellen opens with great top-to-bottom skiing and the base lodge is a quick schuss away. I've realized we don't need two cafeterias at Mt. Ellen and that our business model for the Glen House has been outdated, which is why it's time we transform it. We've had great luck transforming The Wünderbar, and we polished those skills at Hogan's Pub this summer. Now it's the Glen House's turn. On the main floor, we added a twelve-seat bar with great VT beers and wine. The kitchen needed a little updating, and we have created a menu that combines the speed and approachability of the Wünderbar with the quality and healthfulness of Timbers. Think Gaylord Farms Endless Summer Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese made on organic bread with local cheese. We'll have hot sandwiches, whole grain bowls and a few tacos and burritos. Of course, you can still swing in and grab a hot chocolate and a cookie to warm up. This spring the deck will be jumping with lots of warm sunshine, libations and possibly a little live music.

It takes courage to change. Many love the Glen House for a variety of reasons. I'm hoping that by building on our past success, we will begin a new phase for our favorite mid-mountain stop. Once upon a time the Green Mountain Lounge was called The Pinch Bottle Lounge and someone changed that with great results. So, too, is my hope for the Glen House. 

Gerry Nooney