Mid Season Food Goals Check-in

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We just passed the halfway point of the ski season. Let's take a look back and see how we're doing on some the goals we had for this year.

My plan to ski 100 days is on point. I'm at 61 days right now. I've had more than my fair share of ski lessons this year. My level of enjoyment has improved as I continue to hone my skill set. I'll build on this in the summer and take some professional lessons to help my mountain biking.

I wanted more forward facing, healthful, and colorful food in our cafeterias. This is also tracking well. We have noodle bowls, salads made-to-order and fresh sushi rice bowls on a consistent basis. We have brought in more local foods and diet-specific items than ever before. There's always room for improvement and I'm thinking already about adding one more cook-to-order station, as well as a reshuffle of the Mt. Ellen servery.

Walt's at the Glen House is a work in progress. The goal was a more modern approach to mid-mountain dining. The execution of the original idea was solid. Where the Walt's staff really shined was listening to guests. Once they saw so many people coming in as soon as we opened, they developed one of the best egg sandwiches at the resort. The Eggsterminator - made with grilled sourdough, guacamole, smoked bacon, cheese and a sunny-side-up egg. I add pickled pepper relish for a little pop. They also opened up last Saturday night for hikers, snowshoers and skinners. This was a great success on a moonlit night with over 45 folks climbing their way up Mt. Ellen for a beer and a bite.

The Great 500 Chicken Wing Giveaway in Timbers on Saturdays was also done well. Who knew free wings at a ski area would be a draw? My plan was to use wings as entertainment, similar to having a band. We only do this on non-holiday Saturdays. So far the fastest time was 40 minutes for 500 wings to be consumed. My advice is to get a seat early if you want some great wings on us.

Our first ice bar was beaten by the weather. Wind and sun caused a premature demise. There's a new one getting set up on Friday - just in time for President's week - and the weather looks great. We'll fire up the pizza oven and be outside Saturday and Sunday.

All in all, halfway through the ski season and everyone is healthy and happy. The skiing is great, we're surrounded by friends and family and new memories are just waiting to be made.

Gerry Nooney