A New Path for Culinary Communication

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Any of you who’ve attended one of my cooking demos has heard me talk about how cooking is all about sharing with family and friends. Nothing is better than that. Grilled cheese with loved ones beats a lobster tail with strangers any day of the week. When we have friends and family stop over, I use a foolproof method for keeping them around, and I’ll let you in on the secret: I feed them with no questions asked. Try opening another bottle of wine while you heat up that beef brisket stew in the fridge and chop up a quick salad with some crusty bread. You should always plan ahead and have something ready for guests just in case. Try my Beef Stew, Asian Style Chicken Soup, and Enchilada Yolanda recipes that will last six days in the fridge. I made these in my Aga oven but you can figure it out in your own oven.

We’ve decided to shift directions with our culinary communications. Many of you used to receive our Timbers Newsletter, but we’ve decided to open it up to everything food and drink at the resort. I’ll be talking everything culinary, telling you about events and deals, and giving you some classic Gerry Nooney advice for sifting through the food world. This should be a fun time.

Hopefully you have had a chance to try Timbers recently, via the 50% discount (which we will do again sometime this spring) or the Taste of Timbers in December, or après on a recent ski day. Chef Todd is hitting the 1000-day mark here at the resort and is really on-point. His Misty Knoll Chicken is causing order-envy en masse. The food in the Castlerock Pub is the best I’ve seen in my time here. The Pub version of poutine is one of Chef Josh’s best dishes; he even is making his own cheese curd. Firkin Fridays at Castlerock is worth using up a sick day. Don’t know what a Firkin is? Google it, it’s pretty cool. The Wunderbar has a couple of new items we’re proud of as well: Meatballs in Bread Bowl will be a ski-area staple nationwide. The Honey Sriracha Chicken Sandwich is so good, I predict it will knock the Turkey Panini off the bestseller list. I mad a bet with Margo so I hope I’m right. Mt. Ellen received some love too. It now has an upgrade in its beer system, super important to skiers who drink beer (which I think is almost everyone). Gary has a couple of melts on the menu in the Green Mountain Lounge that are worth a visit. We also installed a stone pizza oven from the old Warren House in the cafeteria. The crust is chewy and crisp with a touch of sauce and bubbly blended cheese, and now I’m hungry.

What I’d like you to know is this: we are here for you. No one gets everything right but we try real hard. We have dedicated professionals who do this because they want to and a happy guest makes us happy. If there’s anything I can do for you, please ask. I’ll listen. We had a nice comment from a guest about serving sushi in our cafeteria. I’m working on it, learning to make the rice, and practicing. My first batch went out in January and my instructor gave me a B-. Perfect practice makes perfect.


Gerry Nooney