Trey's Tracks: Warming Up

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If there’s one thing that can really bring me the blues, it’s the fact that winter can’t last forever. As the weather is starting to change, I’m remembering what it was once like to be outside. It’s a whole different world when you don’t have to layer up just to be outdoors! As we move into the spring season, the snow conditions are changing and the pace is slowing down. Lift lines are nonexistent, and the snow is carving like a dream. Earlier this week we saw some incredible spring conditions. While it looks to a little cooler this weekend, spring skiing will be back at some point.

The sun is in the sky more every day, and the phrase “sunshine softening snow” is being uttered quite frequently. These spring conditions are something else, a true pleasure to ride. You have so much control on this wet snow, carving is incredibly deep.

There’s really nothing better than grabbing a friend or two and enjoying the return of the warmth.

We’ve had blue-bird days a-plenty here. Views from the top of Organgrinder!

I’m really going to miss showing up at the Valley House by 6:00 AM. Lucky enough to get to see my fair share of sunrises as the winter has gone on. Nothing like alpine glow.

It’s such a privilege to watch people ski and ride down the mountain in different ways.

Can’t think of a better way to start a spring conditions day – some Gatehouse laps to enjoy the lower elevation snow!

A dream of snow. The snow must go on. With great powder comes great responsibility. Snow day like a snow day. Keep those fingers crossed, those spoons under pillows, those socks inside out, and those dances nightly as we’re hoping for more snow before the end of the year. And as long as the season is still going, I’ll see you all out on the hill!