Trey's Tracks: Blazers

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There’s no time and place quite as magical as weekends at Sugarbush. The Blazer Program sees the same groups of kids coming back week after week to shred the snow. If you’ve been here on a weekend, you know what I’m talking about. The skill level of these kiddos is insane, and it’s good entertainment on the lift!

I got lucky enough to catch Kayla with her group on a gorgeous day. All smiles here.

There is really nothing more humbling than watching a ten-year-old rip down Birdland faster than you.

Also, I’m obsessed with these horns.

Kids bring such energy to the mountain, and they inspire me to ride new lines and try new tricks. The sounds of laughter and joyous shouts are the soundtrack to a weekend at Sugarbush.

Kayla enjoying her job!

Not a bad day for a ride up Super Bravo! The weather has been really warm lately, with plenty of sunshine softening snow. Carves are excellent and deep, and the wet snow is a blast to play on.

The views from Middle Earth are always phenomenal! Top 3 trails at Sugarbush for sure. (I can never decide between Rumble or Castlerock Lift Line)

As always, blazer's coach Rachel tears up the park when she's off the clock! Come on out and enjoy the snow soon, and keep those fingers crossed for a March storm. Be better here!