The Sugarbush Grocery Store

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With the quick need to shut down on Sunday, March 15th, a lot of our dining establishments were left with a significant number of perishable foods in their pantries and refrigerators. So what did we do all that extra food? Well, we let Sugarbush employees go shopping!

On Wednesday, March 18th we invited any and all Sugarbush employees to come get some free grocery shopping in and stock up on various fruits, veggies, dairy items, and more. And to be on the safe side, we set up plenty of safety protocols. No more than five employees could be up there at once, and we designated a time for high-risk individuals to shop first. Then we invited all seasonal employees to partake, followed finally by everyone else. As we all work through this difficult time, we know helping make use of all of this food for our employees will help lesson the burden.