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Ask anyone why they love it here and this is what they'll say…

"It's about being able to wake up early, make a bunch of untouched powder runs under the rising sun, head home for lunch, take an afternoon hike in the woods, and settle in early under the warmth of a roaring woodstove. Sometimes doing less really is more. That's when you know you're home." – David (Babz) Babic, World Cup Skier

"We kinda just like every day, although we look forward to some of our annual events like the November hike with friends along part of the Long Trail, 'Witches Weekend,' golf with the boys, etc. We are also thrilled to say that our families now love to celebrate the holidays with us in the Valley. Our new Christmas Eve tradition means church in Warren and dinner at the Pitcher Inn." – David Newton, Clay Brook Owner

"I actually love the fall. Maybe it's just because I'm getting all excited to get ready to go back on the road, but fall always has a great sense of hope – because the winter is essentially the summer in the Mad River Valley – that’s the heyday for so many outdoor fanatics. You know they wait around all summer just to get to the winter, so there’s definitely that sense of anticipation in the fall, which I love. And it's really the smell in the air that I love the most." – Grace Potter, Lead Singer of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.