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Special. Better. Many believe that this aptly describes the Sugarbush and Mad River Valley experience. Even for the people who live over the Appalachian Gap or up in Montpelier, the Mad River Valley carries a certain appeal that is unique in Vermont. Simply referred to as the Valley - as if it were the only one in Vermont - the area boasts all the amenities, beauty, serenity,individuality, and bustling energy that anyone could expect. The heart of the valley - the Mad River - is something of an anomaly. One of the few rivers in the area that flow north, the name evokes an unabashed, fiercely independent community.

Clearly the Valley is not Vermont as usual. Part of what sets it apart are the people who choose to call this area home - from an enclave of renowned architects, to third-generation family farmers, to an active arts community and recreationalists of all streaks. All of them are drawn to this place of endless recreation opportunities and majestic beauty, hemmed in by some of Vermont's tallest peaks and sliced in half by the shimmering waters of the Mad River.

We believe that life is truly better here in the Mad River Valley. Come visit and discover for yourself all it has to offer. You might just make it your home.