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Go for a Hike

In Vermont this is the time of year for some of the best hiking conditions. There is nothing better than getting out on the trail with friends and family and the pooch. Here are some of my favorites that are close to Lincoln Peak Village:

For an afternoon jaunt I like taking the Super Bravo lift to the top of Gadd Peak. The lift operates daily through Labor Day and after that it is open weekends until Columbus Day. It is amazing to see the trails all covered with wildflowers and mountain meadow grass instead of a blanket of snow! When you arrive at the top of Gadd Peak it is time to head up the meandering path on Upper Jester to the top of the mountain. Once at the top make sure to take a break and enjoy the views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks to the West. On very clear days you can see the White Mountains in New Hampshire and to the Quecbec border. It is a perfect spot to have a picnic lunch or just take some pictures with the outstanding scenic backdrop of pure Vermont goodness. When you are done relaxing at the top you can hike back down to the lift for a ride or head over to Spring Fling and head down to the base area. Both ways have fantastic views.

If you are looking for an easier hike try the Mad River Path's Kingsbury Greenway. This path starts near the intersection of the Sugarbush Access Road and Route 100 in Warren's Riverfront Park. From the parking area located at the Park follow the path on the north side of the Mad River through the forest to a bridge which passes over Clay Brook.Continue on the path steps and along the ridge above the river, then follow the path to the new Kinsgbury Bridge underpass. This will lead you to the road that accesses the Sugarbush Snowmaking Pond. The path again starts on the left and goes around the pond - be on the lookout for the beavers that inhabit the pond. Tons of wildflowers and some hidden swimming holes on the river are some of the wonderful treasures to find on this path.

On a hot day there is nothing like a real old fashioned swimming hole in Vermont. The trails and swimming holes at the Bobbin Mill will not disappoint. Drive south on Route 100 and directly after Lincoln Gap Road make a right on Bobbin Mill Road. There is parking at the end of this lot. Follow the sign into the woods or stay right near the parking area where there are plenty of perches to hang out on and get some sun. If you do venture further into the woods the path meanders and there are endless possibilities for a dip in the brook. The water is cool and refreshing and the path has a magical quality to it. You must experience it this summer - but you better hurry as August is the best time to get in the water.

Happy Hiking and I hope to see you on the trails!