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Mad River Valley Mountaineering Race

A mountaineering race that tests the competitor's endurance, equipment and skiing skills while skinning up and skiing down some of the toughest terrain the Mad River Valley has to offer. Trek begins at Mad River Glen traversing Sugarbush along the Long Trail.

Backcountry skiers and split boarders that starts at the base of Mad River Glen, climbs to the top, traverses the Long Trail to Mount Ellen, descends into Slide Brook, climbs into the Lincoln Peak area and finishes at Valley House lodge.

Registration: https://www.madriverglen.com/events

Cost: Adults (18+) - $40  /   Junior (Up to 17) - $20

Racer Requirements: Helmets are required. Avalanche beacons are not required. Crampons are not allowed. Backpacks required for Pro racers during boot packing segment. 

Apres: Awards will be held in the Wunderbar at Sugarbush Resort proceeding the race finish.

Course Maps: Click here for course map

Schedule: 8 - 9 AM Registration.  10 AM Start.  2 PM awards in Wunderbar at Sugarbush.

Course Description:
From the start, stay left and enter the woods after the first pitch. Cross the bridge and stay right, continuing up Lower Antelope.

The beginning steps are a nice warm-up, while the steeper pitches require good technique and line choice. Eyes up! The final section is rolling, but doesn't really let up. (~1300' climb)

After merging left onto Upper Antelope, the route moderates a little, but finishes with a solid pitch before a left turn onto the Long Trail. (~700' climb)

We have done our best to clear and mark the route. The LT is marked with white blazes, plus flagging tape. Stay near or on the ridge. There is a mandatory downclimb, which is staffed by MRG Patrol on the section between Mad River Glen and the lowest point on the LT. (~350' descent to low point)

From the broad saddle, the route rolls up and down, but up mainly. There are some steep pitches that can be eased with good line choices, pay attention. As you get closer to Sugarbush, the number of tracks will increase. Continue up, there will soon be a rope on the right, defining the ski area boundary. Exit the LT near the top of the Sugarbush trail, Exterminator. Head towards the top of the Northridge lift. (450' of climbing)

Switch to ski mode in the transition area near the top of the Northridge lift. All competitors should move to the right and enter the Rim Run trail. Stay to the right edge.

At the first uphill intersection, Pro's must stay far right and enter the mandatory bootpack up the edge of Upper FIS. (~100' of descent from transition)

As close as possible, the Pro bootpack follows the climber's right edge of Upper FIS. Skis must be securely attached to backpacks. (~400' of climbing) Exit final gate to the uphill left and enter Upper FIS at its lowest entrance, continue down Upper FIS and turn right safely onto Rim Run. Stay far right. (~400' of descent)

Amateurs and Pro's continue down Rim Run. Stay far right and make the first downhill right turn onto Lower FIS. (~300' of descent) All competitors follow Lower FIS down, crossing underneath a chair liftline near the bottom of the steeper pitches. Follow the ski trail to the left onto a traverse. (~1300' of descent)

Along the Lower FIS traverse, look for a downhill right turn onto a narrow trail, which is generally groomed. (~300 yards)

Follow the packed track rolling up and mostly down. Watch for open waterbars/ditches in this section. Slow down and cross them at an angle. There is flagging through this area. The few uphills may tempt switching to skins, but fast folks just glide, pole, skate, sidestep, shuffle and herringbone until the Grand Junction bridge intersection at the low point in Slide Brook.(~300' of descent)

Pros will climb moderate pitch onto Slide Brook Road 3 Loop, returning to Grand Junction and continuing on Slide Brook Road 1 with Recs. Recs will stay left after the big bridge and immediately begin steep climb up packed trail on Slide Brook Road 1. This trail rolls and pitches, generally climbing to the south.  Continue towards the Village Run trail, finishing the Slide Brook section with a short downhill. Most competitors do not remove skins for this downhill, because the Village Run traverse is uphill enough to need skins. Stay right, climb the traverse to the top of the Gate House lift. (~1000' of climbing)

Head straight between the lifts, traverse a wide plain and uphill a short stretch to the start of the Castlerock Connection (CC) trail, just above the bottom of the North Lynx lift. Descend the CC trail, crossing a bridge and merging with other downhill ski trails. Stay left. When the Castlerock lift comes into view, descend past it to the left. Below the lift, descend the Castlerock Runout trail, staying right and making the first uphill right onto the Header trail. Skate or sidestep to the top of Header and enter the Lower Downspout trail. (~75' of climbing)

Stay far right on Lower Downspout , cross under the Super Bravo liftline and enter the Coffee Run trail. Coffee Run is a moderate traverse to the finish at Valley House. (~900' of descent) Good work!

Date: 3/22/2015
Time: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Location: MRG, Mount Ellen and Lincoln Peak
Website: http://madriverglen.com/visit/event-calendar
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