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Special. Better. Many believe that this aptly describes the Sugarbush and Mad River Valley experience. Even for the people who live over the Appalachian Gap or up in Montpelier, the Mad River Valley carries a certain appeal that is unique in Vermont. Simply referred to as the Valley - as if it were the only one in Vermont - the area boasts all the amenities, beauty, serenity, individuality, and bustling energy that anyone could expect. The heart of the valley - the Mad River - is something of an anomaly. One of the few rivers in the area that flow north, the name evokes an unabashed, fiercely independent community.

Clearly the Valley is not Vermont as usual. Part of what sets it apart are the people who choose to call this area home - from an enclave of renowned architects, to third-generation family farmers, to an active arts community and recreationalists of all streaks. All of them are drawn to this place of endless recreation opportunities and majestic beauty, hemmed in by some of Vermont's tallest peaks and sliced in half by the shimmering waters of the Mad River.

We believe that life is truly better here in the Mad River Valley. Come visit and discover for yourself all it has to offer. You might just make it your home.


If you’ve been here before, then you already know.

"A slice of Vermont? More like two big mountains of it, piled high with a generous blend of manmade and natural snow and bucolic views. Hold the crowds and attitude — they don't fly in this laid-back corner of postcard-perfect Vermont...New barn-chic slopeside lodging and facilities bring amenities up to par, and no major ski area offers bigger helpings of quintessential Vermont beauty. 'Vermont skiing at its best.'" – SKI Magazine

And winter is only part of the Sugarbush adventure. The rest of the year offers golf, biking, hiking and a world of other activities. When you're a residence owner at Sugarbush, you get to enjoy all that the resort has to offer, because being an owner here means there’s always a next time.

Mad River Valley

Imagine the perfect Vermont setting.

Imagine a country road tracing the foothills of the Green Mountains through wild meadows, historic villages and upland forests. A place that's never been cluttered by a stoplight or a billboard. A place that’s dotted with organic vegetable farms, dairy cows, and artisan galleries. We wish there was a better way to describe it other than "perfect," but there’s not. It simply is. And we're not the only ones who think so. Outside Magazine called the area the Best Ski Town in the East.

Sugarbush residences are the perfect home base for a day of adventure. Centrally located at the base of the resort, it's only a 5-minute drive to Warren Village, a 10-minute drive to Waitsfield, and less than an hour from the "big city" of Burlington. So go out and explore all the hidden gems the Valley has to offer. Then at the end of the day, come home to…well, home.

Love It

Ask anyone why they love it here and this is what they'll say…

"It's about being able to wake up early, make a bunch of untouched powder runs under the rising sun, head home for lunch, take an afternoon hike in the woods, and settle in early under the warmth of a roaring woodstove. Sometimes doing less really is more. That's when you know you're home." – David (Babz) Babic, World Cup Skier

"We kinda just like every day, although we look forward to some of our annual events like the November hike with friends along part of the Long Trail, 'Witches Weekend,' golf with the boys, etc. We are also thrilled to say that our families now love to celebrate the holidays with us in the Valley. Our new Christmas Eve tradition means church in Warren and dinner at the Pitcher Inn." – David Newton, Clay Brook Owner

"I actually love the fall. Maybe it's just because I'm getting all excited to get ready to go back on the road, but fall always has a great sense of hope – because the winter is essentially the summer in the Mad River Valley – that’s the heyday for so many outdoor fanatics. You know they wait around all summer just to get to the winter, so there’s definitely that sense of anticipation in the fall, which I love. And it's really the smell in the air that I love the most." – Grace Potter, Lead Singer of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.