Micro Blazers - Half Day

A safe and fun learning experience for our youngest guests is the best way to ensure a lifetime filled with passion for snow sports.

Micro Blazers works best for families who can commit to every weekend, and provides an age-appropriate introduction to our safe and secure mountain playground.

The half-day program consists of indoor play, familiarization with equipment and basic movements, and an on-snow session that develops skill and enthusiasm for sliding on snow. Developing comfort with our team of coaches and making friends with other Micro Blazers fosters the first sense of community and shared responsibility within our youngest members. Continuity, familiarity, and mileage keeps kids engaged in the fun of an ever-expanding adventure. Children will be advanced in ability appropriate groups depending on their individual week-to-week progress and stamina.

The Half Day option is perfect for kids who are ready to start skiing without Mom and Dad, but aren’t quite ready to be out on the hill for multiple hours at a time.

Half Day Micro Blazers meet at The Schoolhouse every Saturday and Sunday, December 16, 2017 through March 18, 2018.  Drop off between 8:30 and 9:15 AM.  Program runs until 12:00 PM. 

Micro Blazers do not need any skiing experience. All Micro Blazers must have a Premium Pass ($40 fee for kids 6 and under). Parents should be aware that daily on-hill lesson duration will be dictated by the group’s energy and behavior.


Regular Rate: $1450

Registration closed.  Please call 888.651.4827 for more information.