First Timer Lesson Program for Skiers & Snowboarders

At Sugarbush, we know that once you get the feel for sliding on snow, you'll be hooked. To help you discover the joy we all can find in skiing and riding, we offer our award-winning First Timer to Life Timer program . The program includes:

  • Rental of specially-designed beginner equipment
  • A 3-lesson series to take you from fitting and getting comfortable with the equipment, to sliding on snow for the first time, to making first turns and using lifts
  • Lift access in our beginner areas during the first lesson
  • Second and third lessons include upgraded lift access
  • Please note helmets are not included in the First Timer rental package. We have a limited number available for rental on a walk in basis.
  • Includes a FREE Sugarbush All-Mountain Season Pass for the remainder of the 2017-18 winter season upon completion of the First Timer program**

We’re excited to introduce you to our sports at Sugarbush!

Lessons and Packages 2017-2018


Three-Day First Timer Package

$295 per person

First Lesson Package Only

$110 per person

Second Lesson Package Only

$140 per person / $115 for 1st Lesson Graduates

Third Lesson Package Only

$165 per person / $125 for 1st & 2nd Lesson Graduates

Want to make the most out of 1 day?

New for 2017-18: First Timer Fast Tracks

1 Day, 2 lesson sessions (First Lesson 10am-12pm, Second Lesson 1pm-3pm), rental equipment, and Mid Mountain lift access:    $155

Fast Tracks participants may take the Lesson 3 package for $125 on a second date in order to be eligible for a Season Pass.

Available for individual sale and cannot be taken multiple times by an individual unless deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Lessons available daily at Lincoln Peak and also at Mt. Ellen on weekends and holiday periods.


SugarXpress (RFID) cards are required for lift access at all times. SugarXpress cards are included in the cost of the lesson ONLY for the First Timer Three Day Package, the First Lesson Only package, and the Fast Track package. They are not included in the Second and Third day lesson packages.  If you do not already have a SugarXpress card, one may be purchased for $5.  SugarXpress cards are reloadable, do not expire and can be used for all pass and ticket products. Be sure to save your card and bring it with you each time you visit Sugarbush!

** 2017/18 All Mountain Season Pass offer is available only to those guests for whom the First Timer to Life Timer Package is their first ever snow sports experience, and who take all three lessons within the 2017-18 season. The season pass will be withdrawn from those with prior experience. Guests switching from skiing to snowboard and vice versa are not eligible for the season pass offer but still may participate in the lesson, lifts and rentals components of the package.


Includes:   Beginner area list access (Welcome Mat, Village Quad), and high quality, beginner-friendly equipment rentals. Meeting Place: The Farmhouse Lesson Meeting Place at Lincoln Peak. Start times:   Morning: 9:15 AM equipment fitting, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM lesson. Afternoon: 12:15 PM equipment fitting, 1:00-3:00 PM lesson (available daily).

Example of your abilities:

  • This is my first time ever.
  • It has been so long ago that I really need to start at the beginning.  
  • I would like to learn about proper dress, putting on boots and equipment, the winter on-snow environment and on-snow basics like walking around, riding a surface lift, making turns, speed control and stopping.


Includes:   Mid-mountain lift access (Village Quad and Gate House lifts) and rentals. Meeting Place: The Farmhouse Lesson Meeting Place at Lincoln Peak. Start Times: Morning: 9:45 AM meet, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM lesson. Afternoon: 12:45 PM meet, 1:00-3:00 PM lesson.

Example of your abilities:

  • I can ride the Welcome Mat surface lift.
  • (Skiers) I can slide down an easy Green run making linked turns (kind of) and stop.
  • (Skiers) It’s time for me to learn how to ride a chair lift.
  • (Snowboarders) I can toe skid and heel skid.
  • (Snowboarders) I can traverse and I am trying to learn how to link my turns.


Includes:   All-mountain lift access and rentals. Meeting Place: The Farmhouse Lesson Meeting Place at Lincoln Peak. Start Times: Morning: 9:45 AM meet, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM lesson. Afternoon: 12:45 PM meet, 1:00-3:00 PM lesson.

Example of your abilities:

  • (Skiers) I can now ride the Village Quad Lift.
  • (Skiers) I am starting to feel comfortable on green slopes.
  • (Skiers) Take me to the next level! What’s this Wedge Christie thing all about?
  • (Snowboarders) I would like to ride the Village Quad Lift.
  • (Snowboarder) I am working on linking my turns.
  • (Snowboarder) I would like to learn how to control my speed on Green terrain.



When is the best time of year to take a First Timer Lesson?

Sugarbush has been blessed by Mother Nature with plentiful natural snow, which combined with our exceptional snowmaking and grooming provides us with some of the most reliable conditions for skiing and riding in Vermont. If the weather at home leaves you concerned about conditions or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call our reservations desk at 888.651.4827 for specific information.

What if I have equipment and a lift ticket?

Here at Sugarbush, our friendly rental staff has beginner-specific equipment to help make your first experience on snow easier, more fun, and more successful. If you are bringing equipment with you to Sugarbush, our coaches can assist you in making sure that your equipment fits and functions well and is appropriate for you. Though our First Timer package includes lift access and rentals for each day, pricing is available for those guests arriving with a pre-purchased lift ticket and equipment, who only need to pay for the lesson instruction.

What to wear and how to prepare for your First Timer Lesson:

  • Water resistant snow pants and jacket suitable to weather and temperature
  • One pair of socks (polyester or ski designed socks)
  • Active-wear long underwear (anything cotton is NOT A GOOD IDEA)
  • Gloves or mittens (mittens better when cold)
  • Helmet (strongly recommended, available for purchase in the Adventure Gear Shop)
  • Goggles or sunglasses, hat (if not wearing a helmet), neck gaiter or face mask, sunscreen
  • Get a good night’s sleep, eat a hearty breakfast, and be ready to smile!