Sugarbush Giving

Charitable Giving at Sugarbush

We have received an overwhelming number of donation requests this year, which we are working on answering. At this time, we will not be accepting any new donation requests until Feb. 1, 2017.

Sugarbush Resort receives many requests each week to donate, sponsor, or in some way support organizations throughout New England and the nation. We are not able to say yes to every request that we receive, so we tend to prioritize certain types of requests:

  • Organizations that support the local Mad River Valley Community
  • Organizations dedicated to maintaining the beauty, serenity and recreational opportunities of the local and regional environment.
  • Organizations that hold events in markets that are important to the business goals of the resort.
  • Organizations that are near and dear to our customers and our staff, and that fit one of the above criteria.

Please note: We do not give cash contributions, and we very rarely are able to give lodging packages due to inventory restraints. A typical donation is a pair of lift tickets.