Mental Game Workshop


This workshop is designed for single digit/low teen handicappers that strike the ball decently, but struggle getting the golf ball into the hole consistently. This workshop will teach you to use your game (mental and physical) to manage your golf game to allow you to shoot your lowest scores ever. Each session will consist of lessons on the full swing, short game, and putting, with emphasis on how to use your mental game and preparation to give you the best chance to succeed. Then after each session, we will play 18 holes, concentrating on being aggressive, or conservative, and knowing when to be such.  This clinic will allow you to get in touch with your game like never before.

Dates: TBD

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM lesson with 18 holes of golf to follow.

$200 per person for the entire 4 session workshop.

Limited to the first 7 players to sign up.