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A good skiing coach can make all the difference

Monday, January 14, 2013

In addition to skiing at least one hundred days each year, one of my other goals is to get to be a better skier each year. Like so many of us, I thought that just getting myself on the slopes and practicing would get the job done. However, over the years I have come to realize that, like any sport, a good skiing coach can make all the difference.

Golfers tend to seek instruction no matter how good they are, but I have noticed that most skiers think they have outgrown ski school once they can navigate a black-diamond trail. One is never too old or too good to not benefit from good coaching. In the past couple of years, John Egan has given me some invaluable tips. And this year our new Ski & Ride Director, Russ Kauff, said to me one day, "Can I give you a little tip?" It was clear and simple, and it has already made a difference. The other day Lili asked him to watch her ski and he followed-up with a specific tip for her, too, which she found as useful as mine. We have a highly skilled staff here at Sugarbush, and I would encourage skiers and riders of all abilities to take advantage of coaching this winter. Each of us can be better here!

After our "mini thaw" over the weekend, we will return to winter and the forecast is looking very favorable for the weeks ahead. January Thaw has been around forever here in Vermont, and we were fortunate this year to have had deep snowpack before it arrived. However, we did lose some terrain and opened this morning with 98 trails. Temperatures will be falling today and we expect to resume snowmaking later in the day and staying on it right through the week. Our snowmaking trails have held up well, but some will need resurfacing in order to provide the quality you expect here at Sugarbush. We also expect some natural snow this week, but it is too early to predict how much. As you know, forecasters often fail to see the lake-effect clippers like those we saw in December, so we have our fingers crossed for a big one later in the week.

MLK will be a fun holiday this year, with a number of new activities planned including a football party in the Castlerock Pub on Saturday. Go Pats! (Sorry Raven fans, but I am a New Englander!)

More later in the week,


PS: I just skied a few runs this morning (Monday). We definitely have the worst conditions of the season. In order to preserve the snowpack during the warmth, rain, and wind last night, we did not groom anything. It worked. We have good depth with which to groom tonight. And with our snowmaking and some natural snow ahead, we are going to be back in great shape by the weekend. Tomorrow the groomed trails will be skiing well. Oh! Even though I said we have the worst conditions of the season, I still had some fun runs and completed my fiftieth day on the slopes. As I always say, there is never a bad day of skiing or riding -- just bad equipment.

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