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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Wow!" best sums up this unprecedented stretch of summery March weather. From deep powder two weeks ago to the hottest continued meltdown anybody can remember, Winter 2012 has been full of oddities. The vernal equinox arrived yesterday, but it usually heralds a big VT snowstorm, not shorts, bikinis, golf clubs and bike riding.

Spring forward! 
Conjugate to alleviate the melting rate. Egan springing forward on Ripcord.

There is still a lot of snow in the usual places like Ripcord, Organgrinder, Stein's and Spring Fling, but it is going fast under the full solar assault. Check out some fresh video here.

The pace is concerning enough that we have moved our annual Pond Skimming competition to this Saturday, March 24th, with Dummy Big Air on Sunday. In honor of the combination, we've dubbed it Splash and Crash! The lifts will be spinning from 9AM-5PM on Saturday too. 

Corner penthouse office
Sugarbush's corner penthouse office.

New England is known for its changing weather, and regardless of what the calendar says, you just have to adapt to the fun at hand. If it's not going to dump powder, then lather up in sunblock and crank the corn. Or go to the Sugarbush driving range. Or take a nice bike ride.

Don't worry, it is highly likely that we'll see more snow in April. The question is, will it be soon enough to keep the lifts spinning until our projected closing?

Right Anya!
Right Anya! Today at Lincoln Peak.

Believe it or not, mud season is almost over in many spots, as the frost is just about gone from the ground at low elevations and flowers are even popping. The old-timers all wisely predict a return to cold weather, but every time you look at a 10-day forecast, warmth seems to be winning.   

Remember to layer properly
Remember to layer properly and bring the sunblock.

Red, white and blue!
Red, white and blue.

Check out a really cool video from the recent High Fives Foundation Be Better Day at Sugarbush.
A High Fives Weekend in Vermont from HighFivesFoundation.

Praying for some cooler temps.
Kneeling and praying for some cooler temps.

Sunny and warm! 
Sunny and warm.

Regardless of the temperature or the weather, one thing is certain, fun is in the air at Sugarbush, year round. If you want to ski or ride again this season, better be here now!

We hope to see soon.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

p.s. Sprung? 

Hey bud!
Hey bud!

Blueberries getting ready.
Blueberry blossoms getting ready. Too early?

Rock and roll!
Trail work has already started in the Valley. Stay tuned for volunteer days.

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