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Thursday, November 15, 2012

We've only been waiting since last April for this day, so please forgive our enthusiasm. Sugarbush Opening Day is less than 48 hours away!

Picture Saturday morning in your mind. You wake up, and your smile is already growing in anticipation. You start throwing on layers that you probably haven't worn in months. Out comes the gear, freshly tuned and ready for carving up the snow.

You load up the car or roll out the door, if you are one of the lucky ones to live on the mountain. You slip into your boots, which are snugger than you remember, but just feel so right on your feet. Clomp, clomp, clomp. Walking up to Super Bravo, you begin to see friends, some that you haven't seen since the lifts stopped turning last spring. 

This morning at Sugarbush.
This morning at Sugarbush.

At the lift corral, you drop your board or skis to the ground. The moment of truth has arrived. You click in and your grin is now a mile wide. After a quick scan from the friendly liftie, you slide into the slot and the chair lofts you towards the top.

As you survey the beloved terrain of Lincoln Peak, dreaming of more snow and chatting excitedly with your chairmates, the lift ride goes by fast. Soon the safety bar raises, and you share a hearty greeting with the top operator. Even before you fully register the movement, you are sliding downhill, back in the saddle again and making turns like you'd been skiing all summer.

Welcome back!

At Heaven's Gate ...
Snow from Heaven's Gate.

After a long day of turns, be sure to save some energy for one of the biggest apres ski parties of the season, the Big Kicker! Join us and Mad River Glen at the Big Picture Theatre on Saturday night for winter kick-off with lots of kick.  

One small step.
Fresh tracks.

Part of the Sugarbush gun show.
Part of the Sugarbush gun show.

Lost in the frost.
Lost in the frost.

Vive la revolution!
Vive la revolution! The Mad River Riders have continued building trails through the fall. It's going to be a really fun biking season next summer.

Night rider.
Johnny Egan enjoying some night air in Northfield. Norwich University has opened bike trails on their old ski hill this summer and are re-clearing the ski trails for a hike-only area this winter. Cool!

The Mountain Ops team is working hard to get top to bottom coverage for Saturday and the snow guns have been blowing to the base area all morning. For sure, we will have Jester, Downspout and Organgrinder ready for Saturday. Stay tuned for updates.

The wait is over. Winter is here. We hope to see you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Mount Ellen sunset.
Mount Ellen sunset. 

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