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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whether we are skiers, snowshoers, bikers or hikers, we can all agree that trails are fun. From the possibilities of a line on a map to the actual experience of getting outside and discovering a route, trails can inspire, excite, calm and refresh us.

But did you know that these simple paths can help create healthy communities? Or that trails and good walking/cycling infrastructures can be significant economic drivers? Pardon the pun. 

Yes, it's true, trails are all this and much more.

Money Trail
Following the money trail. Plum Line, Warren.

You don't have to take my word for it, though. Check out this article and a recently published video, with several Mad River Valley mentions. 

So, you might be wondering, why all this focus on trails?   

The Economic Impacts of Bicycling and Walking in Vermont

Other than my own trail-obsession, it's because this Saturday, June 2nd, is National Trails Day! In case you weren't aware, the Mad River Valley is chock full of trails. But we need your help to continue building and maintaining them.

Harwood students helping on the Mad River Path
Harwood students helping on the Mad River Path. Join us for the MRPA Annual Meeting this evening at the Waitsfield Inn starting at 5pm!

From Blueberry Lake to Moretown, there are big plans for trail improvement and development all over the Valley this summer. Remember, more and better trails means a healthier community with a vibrant economy! 

Rolling in the money
Join us for a Mad River Riders trail day on Saturday at 10am, Stark Mountain Bikes RT 17 and 100. Maple donuts will be provided for volunteers. Mmmm.

There are lots of ways to help our local trail organizations. Renewing your annual memberships faithfully is a great start!

One our coolest trails, the Mad River.

Rich colors
The trail wildflower season is here too.

Making hay while the sun shines
Making hay while the sun shines.

Investments can help keep you in the black - berries.
Another common trailside asset, blackberry blossoms. 

Ganoderma tsugae
Health is wealth. Also found along our trails, Ganoderma tsugae/lucidum is known as the mushroom of immortality.

Summer has kicked off in the Mad River Valley. The trails are rocking, the water is warming up, the event season is rolling, the Famer's Market is in full swing, and we hope to see you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

A river runs through it.
"Let water (gravity) roll over and through you. Become the flow." The Tao of Egan

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