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Thursday, May 10, 2012

This week's mix of bright sun and soaking rains has ramped up the spring revival to a fevered pitch. You can almost watch the trees turning greener minute to minute. The plethora of fresh hues rivals autumn's display, only in reverse. From barren limbs and brown ground, life shoots forth, painting the Valley in lustrous colors, rising from the river banks slowly up to the mountaintops.   

Coach Diggity rolling into May.
Coach Diggity enjoying an ideal May day.

The snow, both natural and human-assisted, is very close to totally gone, with only patches left in the usual places. In a normal year, we have lingering white spots well into June. As much as I miss the usual late spring turns, the mixed solace of sweet singletrack and sunshine has made it alright.  

In particular, this Saturday looks like a stellar day; dry and warm, with a 100% chance of afternoon smiles. Hmm, this sounds like a perfect chance to spend the day racing through the Valley at the Mad Triathlon! For competitions like this, we know a lot of people wait until the last minute to see what the weather is going to do. No excuses now, it's going to be sweet!  
Kid's Triathlon!
Join us for the Mad Triathlon and Kid's Triathlon to benefit the Mad River Path!

Apple blossom birdie or bogey?
Birdie or bogey? With scenes like this, who cares what the score card says? The Sugarbush Golf Course is in great shape!

Eurich Pond
The one and only Eurich Pond. Say it right, Eurich is pronounced "irish."

Spring frolic.
A little spring frolic.

One of the first mushrooms of the season.
One of the first mushrooms of the season. Gyromitra esculenta, a false morel, contains hydrazine compounds, also found in rocket fuel. Although "esculenta" means edible in Latin, don't eat it.

Spring riding has been really good!
Asian food in the Valley? A fresh spring roll in Moretown.

Making the transition from clean to green.
Another green scene, this one is from the Plum Line trail. Please support the Mad River Riders!

Spring is kicking in the Valley. It's time to grab your boots, bikes and/or clubs for some warm weather fun. We hope to see you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

p.s. The Mad River Valley and ski culture lost a special man this week, Ken Quackenbush. Ken was the man behind many of the trails at Mad River Glen and was their long-time General Manager, bridging three different owners. He also worked with Jack Murphy at MRG, before Jack helped start Sugarbush. He was 95 years old. We will miss you, Quacky!

Ken Quackenbush.
"I never thought of sking as a lifestyle. Lifestyle implies some kind of choice or fad. For me, skiing is a way of life." Ken Quackenbush




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