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Thursday, February 16, 2012

People often accuse me of having "rosy goggles" with regards to condition reports, but the truth is I have a low threshold of fun. Being outside is enough to bring a smile, making turns commonly induces laughter and if there is good snow, giddiness usually ensues.   

Egan finding some powder on Ripcord
Egan finding fun on Ripcord this week. Yes, that is real snow too.

Not everyone is so easily amused, but the key to finding fun is actually going up the mountain, despite what you may expect to find. Even if you live right here at the bottom, you can't really get an accurate picture of what's happening above, without going to see.

Beginner's luck
Beginner's luck, Ethan scoring a nice day on the Village Chair.

The only other option is to check out the pictures and video that we share, but that may just cause needless excitement and envy. Direct personal experience is still the best.

Good wood
Ski the spaces, not the trees.

With temperatures moderating this week, the snow has softened considerably. The groomers are really sweet, but many folks have been surprised by how good places like Paradise, Castlerock and some of the woods have been. Don't take my word for it though, check out the images and then come ski for yourself. 

 Jester Egan
Jester has been carve-tastic.

The upcoming President's holiday is packed full of extra fun, and with the potential for accumulating snow at elevation, it should be another good week at Sugarbush. If you are looking to get an early jump on the turns, there is a special Cabin Cat led by John Egan going out tomorrow morning. Better be on it!

Today's video snow report. Be careful, it may cause a decline in work productivity.

Ripcord ripping
Monday was really nice.

Sugar Sherpa Devon spinning down Ripcord
Sugar Sherpa Devon spinning some new snow on Heaven's Gate.

Diggity air Paradise
Coach Diggity airing it out on Paradise.

Ski the forest for the trees
Just part of the scenery. 

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day! Is it getting hot in here?

Check back at sugarbush.com for the latest mountain reports and updated conditions. Pray for snow and we hope to see you soon! 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

p.s. A couple more shots to inspire. 

Not what you might expect
Chute, that looks like fun.

Likin' the lichen
I'm lichen it.

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