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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On my way into work this morning, an old Grace Potter song from her first album, Original Soul, popped up on the radio. "Crazy Parade" struck exactly the right in-the-moment tone and had me smiling and bopping through the Valley, thinking about all the fun in store this week.

Summer’s on the rise
And I am flying.
The good days have
Come around again.
Crazy Warren 4th of July parade!
Crazy Warren 4th of July parade.

I can still remember my first Warren Parade twenty years ago, it forever changed my view of parades and Indepenence Day celebrations. Used to the common sights of firetrucks and marching bands, the free-wheeling floats and freak flag-waving participants were irreverent pied pipers, inciting random displays of freedom and fun. Once you've dipped in the river, you never forget the flow.    

I’m up on top of a big burnt rock
With some people I call friends.
We’re half a mile to heaven
And back again.

Really close to Paradise.
Really close to Paradise.

If crowds aren't your thing, the Valley has many hidden spots and quiet corners to slip away from the people. You can always find a deserted stretch of stream or empty forest to have some zen time. Even in Warren Village at the height of the party, all you have to do is wander a little to discover your own private patch. 

And I’m never coming
Down from the mountain.
Never will I forget about today.
I’ll always smile when 
I think about it.
This life is a crazy parade.

Family frolic at the SHARC.
Family frolic at the SHARC. 

I don’t have to dream,
All I’ve got to do it look around.
We have so little time before 
It all falls down.

Just look around.
Just look around.

The valley deep, the river wide
And the sky so high,
I keep my head on up,
I keep my feet upon the ground.

Revolving on the Revolution trail.
Heading up the Revolution trail.

And I’m never coming
Down from the mountain. 
Never will I forget about today.
I’ll always smile 
When I think about it.
This life is a crazy parade.

Another crazy parade ... the Mad Marathon!
Another crazy parade ... Join us on July 7th for the Mad Marathon

No such thing as a better place
No such time as right now
There is no fame and there is no disgrace
So come on, baby, let me show you how

No need to leave the mountain when it is home.
No need to leave the mountain when it is home. Rice Brook.

And we’re never coming 
Down from the mountain
Never will we forget about today
And we’ll always smile when we think about it
This life is a crazy parade.

From ultra-local fresh food and tasty beverages, to contemplative hikes and exhilarating bike rides, the best of summer is here. We hope you are too.

The sun is out, the forecast looks great and the parties have started. Many thanks to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals for the inspiration this week. Better be here!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

The Castlerock Raw Bar lives!
The Castlerock Raw Bar lives!

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