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Thursday, September 26, 2013

We have a serious issue to discuss this week. Fall foliage is beginning to peak in the Mad River Valley and this has led to dangerous leaf-induced distractions. Regardless of the activity or location you choose, your attention will drift. This is virtually guaranteed.

There is no safe way to ignore the incredibly vibrant vistas. Be prepared.

Corn and sunflower salad with a slice of MEllen on a bed of foliage.
Corn and sunflower salad with a slice of MEllen on a bed of foliage. 

Please slow down, let the hues absorb into your retinas, and don't worry about getting anywhere fast. Color-blind designated drivers are a really good idea too. With clear skies and summer-like temps forecast for this weekend, we have a perfect storm of foliage and fun brewing. 

Double dose of foliage.
Double dose of color on the Mad.

In addition to the brilliant leaves this weekend, we have lots of great recreation, food, beverages, and events to share too. Saturday is the White River Disastour, which while technically not in the MRV, is a neighborhood race that benefits the VT Foodbank. The Disastour was run for the first time in 2011, to raise funds for vitims of Irene flooding. Back then, the devastation was still fresh, but now it's beautiful again.  

Eye see you!
Eye see you! Join the Mad River Riders for a Blueberry Lake Trail Day on Saturday.

The Waitsfield Farmers Market will also likely hit its peak this Saturday, with both late summer and early fall crops ready for munching. Word to wise, the apples this year are extra good. 

Dirt road dreaming.
Dirt road dreaming.

Looking ahead, Siptemberfest is next Saturday. If you don't have tickets yet, we're sorry, they are all gone! Thankfully, you can get other tasty beers all around town. Even our gas stations usually have a better selection than many states' dedicated liquor stores. 

Rime time. Rime ice covers a tree on the Monroe Skyline. Taken Tuesday, September 24th, 2013.
Rime ice covers a tree on the Monroe Skyline, Sept 24th, 2013.

It was cold earlier this week and the mountaintops saw their first flakes and rime ice. We are excited for the current return to warmer weather, but the chill felt good. Really good. Winter is just around the corner. 

Awe-tumn. Join us on October 12th for Community Day!

Final cut.
Final cut.

Digfoot with laser beams.
Watch out for Digfoot with laser beams.

Fall farming.
Fall farming.

Classic scene.
Classic scene.

Crimson side.
Crimson side.

River reflections.
River reflections.

Quail crossing.
Bird crossing.

This is it, folks. The fall party is reaching a fever pitch. The Mad River Valley is packed with peak foliage, perfect weather, and plenty of fun. Better be here!

Got wood?
Got wood?

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