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Parallel Paradigms - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are you having ski-ride dreams yet? We are. The dog days of summer seem to simmer our winter-starved brains just a bit, kicking off sweet snowy reveries. After all, it's only ~12 weeks until snowmaking is scheduled to start.  

Just a friendly Sugarbush hello.
Just a friendly Sugarbush hello.

Let's not get to far ahead of ourselves, there is still plenty of warm weather fun to share. Outdoor concerts are cranking and the awesome Tweed River Music Fest starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday, with headliners Waylon Speed, voted VT's best band by the New England Music Awards.

Tweed River Music Fest is this weekend!
Tweed River Music Fest is this weekend at Kenyon's Field in Waitsfield!

But if you really miss skiing and riding, we have an immediate solution. Mountain biking is a great way to get your gravity groove going year-round. Our downhill rental bikes feature 8" of bottomless powder, err, suspension for every run. The movements are remarkably similar to our winter passions, so you can train for turns while having a ton of fun. 

Parallel paradigms. Gravity works year-round.
Parallel paradigms. Gravity works year-round.

Be sure to scroll down for the newest Rumble video, featuring mountain biking in the Mad River Valley. The drone footage is truly spectacular. Many thanks to Bear Simmons, John Bleh and Alan Hurwitz! 

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Gold of Sunshine - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Mad River Valley has got its mid-summer glow. Perhaps only exceeded by peak foliage and winter powder storms, this time of year is often credited with luring people to live here. "We came for the winters, but stayed because of the summers."

"Between the dawn and the dark of night."

The melodies and harmonies of quiet birdsong, chirping crickets, refreshing breezes, babbling brooks and liquid laughter hang in the evening air. Sunsets linger and share several scenes before the curtain finally descends to twinkling starlight. Even the frequent thunderstorms have a musical character, cracking, booming and drumming out their symphonies. 

"Reach out your hand." Fruit season is peaking.

The outdoor concert season is rolling, too. Be sure to check out the upcoming Tweed River Music Fest on August 1st at Kenyon's Field and the Mad River Music Fest on August 8th at Lareau Farm-American Flatbread.

"If your cup is full, may it be again." Timber's wine selection is tasty!

Speaking of tasty, Sugarbush chef Gerry Nooney is hosting a Kid's Cooking Class - A Taste of Summer this Saturday, July 25th. Gerry is a great cook and a fun teacher, expect a lively session with lots of low-stress learning.

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Idyll Minds - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We've had several near-perfect days this summer, with comfortable temps in the 70's, low humidity, bright sunshine and clear skies. Today is one of those days and these idyllic moments have had a strong effect on workplace productivity, with decreased attention spans and increased staring out the window. 
Idyll-ing on Super Bravo.
Idyll-ing on Super Bravo.

The situation is serious. If this continues, we may be forced to leave the office early. Some businesses are considering a lawsuit against Mother Nature for cruel and unusual awesomeness. "How can we get anything done with the sun shining like that?" questioned a local manager. As Lisa-Marie Presley once said, "Idyll minds are the devil's playground." 

Floating on a day.
Floating on a day. Moretown Gorge.

Even when the weather has been a little humid, hot or rainy, we've seen an uptick in cases of kneedtogetoutsideandplay syndrome. According to WebMD, the best treatment for this disease is to let it run its course. "Fighting the symptoms will likely increase their severity." 

Congrats to the Mad Marathon crew and all the runners!
Congrats to the Mad Marathon crew and all the runners!  

Last weekend's Mad Marathon was a great success, with lots of visitors and locals helping and participating in the event. If you missed it this year, start planning and training for next year now!  

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Deep Summer - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The ferns are chest high, the raspberries are starting to ripen, the river temps are getting comfortable, the trails and golf course are shaping up after a rainy June and we are deep in summer fun at Sugarbush and the Mad River Valley.

Mini campers blossoming at Lincoln Peak.
Mini campers blossoming at Lincoln Peak.

One of the biggest events of the summer is the 5th Annual Mad Marathon this Sunday, July 12th. Runners have dig deep to conquer the climbs, but the views make the challenges easier to bear. The spectating is great, although if you'd like to help with the race, they are still looking for volunteers too.  

The Mad Marathon parties start tonight. Save some energy for the race on Sunday!
The Mad Marathon parties start tonight at Sugarbush. Save some energy for the race on Sunday! 

We're excited to host Boston Marathon organizer Dave McGillivray for a motivational speech tonight in the Gate House Lodge, followed by a Celebrity Waiter Dinner at Timbers to benefit VT Adaptive. 

Valley House Lift Project progress.
Valley House Lift Project progress.

The Valley House Lift Project is moving along well, with deconstruction nearly complete. If you look up the trail in the picture above, you can see an excavator, which has been removing the old tower pads. Stay tuned for further updates.  

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Fundamental Fourth - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 2, 2015

While the universe is quite dynamic, there are only four fundamental forces that produce all interactions. Sugarbush is primarily known for our gravitation, which is the most mysterious of the four forces. Meanwhile, the Mad River Valley's most mischievous event is the Fourth of July Parade. Coincidence? Or something deeper? 

One of the fundamental forces of nature, electricity.
One of the fundamental forces of nature is electro-magnetism.

We're not sure about a potentional connection, but regardless, the holiday fun has already started, with lots of folks getting an early jump on the weekend. The event schedule is jam-packed and the weather is looking stellar after a very damp stretch. Speaking of jams, the Grippo Funk Band, the Mad Mountain Scramblers and the Detonators are all playing free shows on Saturday. Get your dancing shoes ready!  

Gravity is another fundamental force.
Gravity is another fundamental force. Flowing by the Valley House construction.

Be sure to check out the progression of the Valley House Lift Project when you get to Lincoln Peak. The top area is transformed with a new intersection and the Mountain Ops building foundation is getting removed today. The new view up the Valley House lift line from the base area is pretty cool too.

Golf at Sugarbush is fun-damental too.
Enjoying some nuclear forces (aka sunshine) at the Sugarbush Golf Club.

The extra June rain has turned the Sugarbush Golf Club is as verdant as it gets. With dry weather and a nice breeze, the course should be in prime condition again soon.   

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