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Super Cycle - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sugarbush has been in a super cycle of sun and snow for much of the winter and it only seems to be getting better. Sure, we didn't get what Boston got out of this last blizzard, but the accumulations have been very regular, with an average of about a foot per week since we opened. 

One of the recent storm stashes.
One of the recent storm stashes. 

This week is a perfect example. By tomorrow, we'll likely have had three 6" mini-dumps and be well over 130" for the season\. Best of all, with cool temps forecast for the weekend, it looks as though we'll get through January without any thaw.   

The guardian of stashes, Murphy Moose.
The guardian of stashes, Murphy Moose.

We're excited to welcome Sugarbush-sponsored US Ski Team member Nolan Kaspar to Lincoln Peak on Saturday for free race training, poster signing and Q&A. Watching him on TV is one thing, seeing him in close-up action is pretty amazing, even if you don't spend a lot of time in the gates.

Sugarbush-sponsored US Ski Team member Nolan Kaspar will be at Lincoln Peak on Saturday for free race training, poster signing and Q&A.
Knockin'em down, rippin' it up.

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The Wow of Now - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter 2014-2015 has been pretty incredible so far, with consistent snows, nice stretches of good snowmaking temps, less-than-devastating thaws and tons of bright sunshine. We rarely have this much base in place at this point in the season and the traditional snowiest months are still ahead of us.  

17 inches this week, 121 inches for the season and still making snow.
17" this week, 121" so far and still making snow. 

It's prime time for hitting fine lines all over the resort, with a full menu of buttery smooth groomers, soft bumps, steep chutes, fun glades, and styled-up terrain parks. Check out the new Sugar Run Park, with small and medium features that are great for learning. Remember that January is Learn to Ski and Ride Month. Share the love, beginner lessons are just $29 through the 31st. 

Tip to rip with Coach Meridith. January is Learn to Ski and Ride Month.
Tip to rip with Coach Meridith. January is Learn to Ski and Ride Month. 

So sweet this week!
So sweet!

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Sweet Talk - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday's storm pushed Sugarbush over the 100" mark for the season and it's been a sweet week of cool conditions. The snowmakers are finishing up on Downspout and Gondolier today, where there are now massive whales. As we settle into the heart of winter, the base is deeper than normal and there is more snow on the horizon for the MLK holiday weekend.    

Tasty groomers!
Tasty groomers! Egan rollin'em over on Snowball.

The groomers are making the most of the snow too and the corduroy is as smooth as it gets. Expect a lot of snowcat activity in the next few days, we're going to roll out the carpet on a huge variety of terrain, including Ripcord.  

Moonshine on Moonshine.
Moonshine on Moonshine. David Babic sipping some intoxicating pow.

On top of the awesome conditions, we have a full schedule of events for the holiday, including our famous Torchlight Parade and Fireworks, Tour De Moon, multiple live apres bands, a beer dinner with Switchback Brewing, an American Melting Pot Family Buffet and lots more fun.

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Cold Comfort - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Despite dire warnings about the temps and wind, it is not that crazy cold today. The turns are fun, flurries are falling and the fresh snowmaking is sweet. While we don't have any big storms on the horizon, Sugarbush continues to pick up regular accumulations, which has helped enhance conditions too.   

Egan launching into Stein's yesterday.
Egan launching into Stein's yesterday.

After Sunday's warm-up and Monday's refreeze, things weren't looking so hot.  As is often the case though, our snowmakers and groomers quickly turned it around and by Tuesday morning, we were back in the goods. Mid-week runs under the guns featured extra smooth soft arcs, while the corduroy yielded easily to keen ski and board edges.    

The gunpowder has been exceptional this week.
The gunpowder has been exceptional this week.

This season has started quite strong and Sugarbush has already received almost 100". The snowiest part of the season is still ahead of us and the base in place is well primed for more powder. Keep those snow dances going! 

Cold sunrise this morning.
Cold clear sunrise this morning.

Check out the Ride and Ski New England Chairlift Challenge trivia game on Saturday at Lincoln Peak, with chances to win great prizes. We'll have great live apres music and The Grift is playing late night in the Castlerock Pub, no cover.  

Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

Diamond Dog freestyle team!
Diamond Dog freestyle team!

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Fresh View - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year, Sugarbush community! 2014 is in the books and we are excited for all that 2015 may bring. The holiday week has been fun so far, with lots of cool events and good snowmaking temps. 

The sun setting on another year.
The sun has set on another year in the Mad River Valley.

On top of the Newschoolers' Tell a Friend Tour hosted by Sugarbush Parks and awesome live music this weekend, we have a good chance of significant new accumulation on Saturday night into Sunday. We're likely to be near the freezing line later in the storm and elevation will certainly play a role in what falls from the sky.

We could see all snow at the summits, keep doing your dances! At the least, the eastern long-footed snowbirds should be singing their well-known call, "Goodforthebase, netgain netgain."

The famous Sugarbush Dog Parade!
The famous Sugarbush Dog Parade!

The snowmakers have been working overtime this week and the gunpowder runs are sweet now. We plan to keep adding to base depths into Saturday evening, when Mother Nature kicks up her snow production system.

Happy New Year!
Good morning, 2015! 

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