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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The wheels of summer are rolling fast now. Prime-time warm weather fun is not just happening, it's expanding. Trail building is in progress at several sites throughout the Mad River Valley, including a brand new flow trail at Sugarbush with an old name, Turkey Tumble. 

As the bullwheel turns ...
As the bullwheel turns ...

The new Turkey Tumble is excavator-built, with final sculpting from the Sugarbush trail crew. The trail starts near the top of Eden and will finish near the take-off for the zip-line. A couple sections are currently open and we expect to drop the rope on more of it over the weekend, as the new work settles and dries.  

The new Turkey Tumble trail is partly open!
The new Turkey Tumble trail is partly open! More this weekend?

The man behind the machine, Sean Flynn.
The man behind the machine, Sean Flynn.

Sean Flynn's deft touch at the controls of the excavator (and groomer in the winter) have helped provide fun for bikers and hikers at Sugarbush and all over the Valley. When he is not working at the mountain, he often volunteers to build for the Mad River Riders, too. Next time you rail a local berm or huck a table-top, give a little shout-out to Sean.  

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Fine Design - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The design standards for a perfect summer day are relatively universal ... lots of sunshine, low humidity, mid-day temps in 70's to low 80's and night-time temps in the 50's to low 60's. Hmmm, this sounds remarkably like the forecast for the next few days.  

Sugarbush Adventure Campers enjoying some Green Mountain time.
Sugarbush Adventure Campers enjoying some Green Mountain time.

Ideal weather is not the only factor though, as real estate agents say, "Location, location, location." The Mad River Valley's fields, forests, brooks, rivers, hills and mountains are all at peak mid-summer condition. The biking and hiking trails are dry and grippy, the golf course is in prime shape.

Think your lawn takes a long time to mow?
Think your lawn takes a long time to mow? Early morning prep.

These are the powder days of July, knee deep in ripening blueberries, over the head ferns, endless runs with friends, and smiles so wide they almost hurt.

The 4th of July weekend was awesome!
The 4th of July weekend was great. Many thanks to all our friends!

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Use The Fourth - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, July 3, 2014

One of the best stretches of summer lies at our doorstep, complete with the famous Warren Fourth of July Parade and Sugarbush Fireworks, the Mad Marathon, the Waitsfield Farmer's Market and all the warm outdoor fun the Mad River Valley has to offer. 

"The Fourth is strong with this one."

Until you've been to the Warren Parade, you can't truly appreciate freedom. Featuring a broad mix of irreverent pranksters, community coalitions, persistent politicians, and cool kids, it is quite a spectacle. 

“Always pass on what you have learned.”
"Always pass on what you have learned." Sugarbush PGA Pro Paul Meunier passing it on to Van the Man.

Once you've got your Fourth smile on, the best way to keep it full strength is to indulge in some Green Mountain adventures.

Do or do not. There is no try. Mad Marathon returns.
"Do or do not. There is no try." The Mad Marathon returns this weekend.

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Gravity Well - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer fun has barely begun, so you haven't missed it yet. The season always feels too short though and we've decided to do something to make it longer. Under the strict eye of Professor Egan, we have been testing a form of mountain time travel. 

Fast is slow.
Fast is slow. Get summer Quad Packs only through the end of June. 

The idea is to slow down time by increasing our velocity through space. Einstein covered this in his theory of relativity, but now Egan and the Adventure Learning Center coaches are working on experiments to make gravitational time dilation available for all ages and abilities to use. The techniques that we've been developing are very promising and easy to learn. Join us for a session and see for yourself how slow fast can be. 

Slow is fast.
Slow is fast.

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Sun Summit - Sugarbush Stoke Exchange

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The sun is reaching its summit this week and the light lingers long into the evening. If you are like us, the solstice is celebrated as both the beginning of summer and the turning point back towards winter. Yes, even in hot weather, skiing and riding are on our minds.

Late linger.
Late lumen linger.

We fully enjoy summer too and are excited for mountain activities opening day this Saturday, June 21st, with lift rides, mountain biking, disc golf, tenniszip line, bungee trampoline, and more fun.

Ready to roll.
Ready to roll.

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