Spring Segue

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Spring is fully in control at Sugarbush and the meltdown in the last 2 weeks has been steady. We went from 100% open, 72 trails and 6 lifts at Lincoln Peak with maximum seasonal snowpack on April 8th to 20 trails and 2 lifts today.

Ready for the Stein's Challenge? Bring your skills and stamina this Saturday for a 4-hour most-runs-wins competition on the infamous Stein's Run. 

Even with the thinning base, we still have natural snow trails open and a deep snowmaking layer in key spots. Making the 2016-17 season last from November to May is almost certainly assured. Most remarkably, we've had natural snow on the ground near the summits since our 1st snowfall in October. 

Sending the season out in style. 

As it is April 20th, lots of people are celebrating today. Among other things, we're recognizing National High Fives Day, Lima Bean Respect Day, Volunteer Recognition Day and National Cheddar Fries Day. ;)    

Fashion statement.

Late season signs.

Thank you to Olivia and Vermont Adaptive for another great season!

Whistle while you work.

Last snow person?

Heaven's Gate last weekend.

Top op.

Rambone ready to rock.

So many bumps, so little time.

Nate engineering the Valley House ramp.

The seasonal overlaps are starting, with a variety of paddling options and decent dirt road riding/walking available now. The Sugarbush golf club set to open for our last ski and ride session too. 

Gondola on the green.

Join us for our final Ski and Tee weekend, April 29th-30th. $50 lift tickets that include a round of golf! Next up is the BrewGrass Festival on June 10th, get your tickets now. They always sell-out. 

Recent trail damage caused by foot traffic.

Even down low in the valley, spring meltout has not finished yet and we've had some rain this week. Please avoid all trail use during this period and support our local trail organizations who help steward the MRV trail networks, including the Mad River Riders/VMBA, Mad River Path and the Catamount Trail Association

The weekend looks like some light sprinkles early Saturday morning, then dry and partly cloudy on Sunday, with ideal spring snow temperatures and overnight refreezes to keep conditions prime.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange