Snowy Sequence

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Winter 2016-2017 continues to deliver advancing accumulations, already matching our historic season-long average. That's right, everything from here on is just icing on the cake, pun intended.  

David Babic blasting through Slide Brook.

This snowy sequence has been particularly productive recently, with several squalls and storms regularly releasing fresh flakes. Between the great weather and exciting event planning, we're well prepared for the President's Week holiday.

GMVS racing on Inverness this week. 

Have you visited the new Walt's at the Glen House yet? Best grilled cheese in town! 

Tour De Moon party at Walt's. 

Jr. Castlerock last weekend featured some great skiing. The main event is only a few weeks away. Register now to secure your spot

Looking ahead ... Get your sponsors ready! The High Fives Fat Ski-A-Thon is March 5th at Lincoln Peak.  

Monday was wild. Longest Castlerock liftline ever and everybody hiked for it! 

Finding some fresh snow in Slide Brook. 

Afternoon views. 

A nice place to finish a run.

International man of mystery

Book the Cabin Cat now for powder, sunrise and sunset fun!

This period is often one of the peaks of the season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone during the holidays ahead. It's time to wrap up work and get ready for a whole lot of fun. Better be here!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange